My name is Chidambaran Subramanian, and most of my friends and colleagues know me as Chiddu. I’ve been interested in the one aspect of our life that most of us delegate the decision to others – namely medicine. In particular, I was intrigued by the amount of vaccinations that a child is slated to receive today in the first few years of its life. I grew up like anybody else, believing in the amazing power of vaccines and modern medicine. But once we started planning on bringing the next generation of my family into this world, I decided not to take any chances. My 1st instinct was – I had BCG + maybe 2 doses of DPT + 2-3 doses of Oral Polio. Given that mortality rates have improved since my birth to the birth of my child, this was the maximum I was going to give, anyway. I wrote to the FDA and the CDC ( I happenned to live in the US at that point), and did not get convincing answers about the vaccine schedule. One thing lead to another, and soon I started spending time reading up in public libraries in the SF Bay Area. What I read in the initial years definitely shocked me.

The more I read about vaccines, the more skeptical I became of them. Even the mainstream media reports enough vaccine injuries for anybody to sit up and notice. Unfortunately we are too wired to notice them, and continue to believe that vaccines are harmless but very effective in preventing diseases. I’ve been trying to encourage people to take informed decisions on their own  , in the offline world. I created this blog two years ago, but have never posted anything of value.  In addition to taking my own independent decisions about vaccines , I’ve also had other experiences with medicine that has pushed me into taking independent decisions in general. My right hand was 90% paralyzed due to cervical spondylosis, my right ankle had a ligament tear, and I had an ulcer in my stomach. I did not take any ‘allopathic’ drug to get rid of these diseases. Ayurveda helped both my spondylosis and my ligament, and the ulcer took care of itself only by changing my diet.

I’ll be trying to write regular blogs on health issues, with a little bit of focus on vaccines. It is rather unfortunate that many of us would spend a lot of time researching before buying a new car, but dont’ go into what goes into our bodies in the name of medicine. I hope to change that, using my blog as one of my channels. I also am an avid cyclists, and occasionally I undertake trips that I feel worthy of sharing with others. I blog about my cycling experiences at this blog http://chiddu2k.wordpress.com

Last, but not least, as I mentioned earlier, I do some research on my personal time. I am not a Doctor, and am in no way involved in the medical profession. So , while my blogs are a reflection of my views, they definitely are not to be construed or misconstrued as medical advice. Please see a qualified medical practitioner if you need medical advice.


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