Two actual conversations, as heard by me

Conversation 1:
New Parent 1: I just moved to Bangalore. Am looking for a good paediatrician.
Parent 1 of older kid  : Make sure you go to a good paediatrician. I can give you the contacts of mine. There are a lot of shots these days, you can’t afford to miss any. And one more thing, kids these days fall sick a lot. Till about they are 4, they regularly fall sick. You can’t do anything about that.
Conversation 2:
New Parent 2 : I’ve recently given birth.I’ve learnt about the dangers of vaccines. I am
looking for personal experiences from parents who don’t vaccinate.
Parent 2 of older kid: I’ve a 4 year old, completely unvaccinated. Never been to a Doctor. In fact, I had to show her youtube videos to explain Doctors, injections, etc to her.
Real life teaches you things that you should not ignore.

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