In Vaccines we trust!

This is a very short post. This simply features three youtube videos of testimonies in Congress. Please watch and understand on what ‘facts’ you are basing the health of your children!

Cigarettes and Nicotine are not addictive.

Mercury in Vaccines do not have the capacity to cause any harm

Has CDC/FDA actually conducted or facilicated any study on Autism and compared vaccinated and unvaccinated children?


Whitewashing Mercury , Aluminium and Formaldehyde

There was an article recently shared on social media , that justified Mercury and Aluminium in vaccines. The argument was that the Mercury found in vaccines was safe, and that fact has been proven time and again. And it also explained away the Aluminium by stating that the Alu salts helped the body in its fight against the microorganisms.

  • Mercury in vaccines has not been tested , ever

    1. The mercury limits have been set by estimates assuming that the consumption would be ingestion by adults. There are simply no tests that have been done to show or determine how much mercury is safe for a child. The reason for that is obvious. No parent would agree to allow their children to be part of such a test. So it is in the interests of the pharma companies, ably assisted by brainwashed doctors and a gullible and fearful public to repeatedly keep asserting that the mercury in the vaccines is safe.
    2. Aluminium is another potent neurotoxin. The article above is right in one aspect. The Aluminium makes the body generate antibodies to whatever’s packaged with the vaccine. The author *assumes* that since the vaccine goads the body to generate antibodies to the vaccine, the individual is protected against the target disease. This is one big theoretical assumption that most vaccine defenders assume as proven, but which unfortunately isn’t. There have been numerous instances where vaccinated individuals have come down with the target disease, sometimes immediately after a vaccine, and many times even after multiple boosters.
      Read this article about Aluminium toxicity
    3. Formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen.
      Its been known to cause brain cancer and leukaemia (blood cancer). I really don’t need to dwell too much on Formaldehyde.
    4. Highlight on Aluminium
      There is no known biological function for Aluminium. Meaning, there is no place for Al in our body. As long as we have kidneys working hard to remove Al, the damage is limited, but when you inject Aluminium in a young child and it makes it into the brain, how can you predict the consequences, especially when you have not measured it.

      This article talks well about the use of Aluminium as an adjuvant.

    5. Synergistic Toxicity
      Read this, for a primer on Synergistic Toxicity
      Basically when you combine two poisons , the damaging effects of those poisons *multiply*, not just *add up*. Meaning if you add 1unit of Mercury + 1 unit of Aluminium, the poisioning effect would be similar to what would happen if you ingest 30-40 units of Mercury.
    6. The summary of points that I am making is simple

      1. Mercury in Vaccine by itself can cause harm (Its untested for safety, remember)
      2. Aluminium in Vaccine by itself can cause harm (Its untested for safety, remember)
      3. The adjuvant action of Aluminium itself is based on the fact that the body can’t get rid of the Aluminium easily
      4. The fact is that the body generates extra antibodies in the presence of Aluminium immediately after a vaccine does not indicate immunity from the target disease
      5. Al has already been indicted in brain diseases like Alzheimers
      6. The synergistic toxicity of all the combined ingredients is difficult to predict

      It is no surprise that as the number of vaccines increase, the number of children injured and/or killed by vaccines also increase. Statistics don’t lie. And please be wary of ‘sciences’ that try to explain outcome by coincidences.