William Egan , FDA testifying on vaccines to Congressman Dan Burton

They say that Pictures say a thousand words.I would like to add to that and say, that videos sometime give away much more than pictures, and some of them are just priceless. Like this one. If you are a parent or know a parent who is considering vaccinating his/her child, I urge you to share this and bring it to the attention of parents.



Congressman Dan Burton : Mr Egan, has Thimerosal ever been tested by a health agency?
William Egan(WE) : (Clearly uncomfortable) Aaah…Its been early, in the world(slurring), those early tests that you know of, uh… that were done by, ahhhh… Eli Lily.
CDB (Interrupting) : And when was that tested? It was done in 1929.
WE : Yes
CDB (Continuing) : And lets just follow up on that.In 1929, they tested this on 27 people who were dying of meningitis . And all of them died of meningitis. And so they said, there was no correlation between their deaths, and the mercury in the vaccines. That is the only test that has ever been done on Thimerosal, that I know of. Do you know any other?
WE : No, in people , no. Except for accidental exposures over the…
CDB (Again, interrupting) : So we have mercury that has been put into people’s bodies ,and has been since the thirties, and it has never been tested by our health agencies. And yet, you folks come here , and you testify that there is no ‘conclusive evidence’ (emphasises here) and the IOM(*) says they favor, – get this – they don’t say they are sure, they say they favor rejection of a causal relationship between Mercury and Autism and other neurological disorders. Mr Egan, can you tell me right now that that amount of Mercury injected into a baby will not hurt it?
WE : Its.. You know, its, its , its impossible to (small pause) make those categorical statements that one hundred percent ….
CDB (Interjecting) : Thats right, That’s what I want you to say.
WE : (Incorrigible, almost inaudible) …..
CDB : So it *is* possible, that the amounts of mercury, when injected, even in trace amounts, could damage a child neurologically. Right?
WE : (Nodding, but still looking at the derrière of that imaginary person in front of him) I don’t think it has that capactity
CDB : ( Laughing, more like a snortish laugh) Hnnn Hnnn Hnnn
WE : I mean , you know, we can argue , but (looking at Dan burton with a smile for the 1st time)..(speech again drifts off)
CDB : I know you think it is, but you cannot say categorically, can you?
WE : Do I ? (Swallowing hard now) Do I have evidence for every single child ,for every p..possible dose, the answer is no (with emphasis)
CDB : There you go. We’ve been after this for eight years now.Progress is being made but sometimes I feel like its, its pulling a wisdom tooth, where they get in your mouth with both feet and both hands and they are jerking that tooth off.Its so hard, so hard to get it moving

At the end of this clip, in an interview Dan Burton says Why they have left it in vaccines, it is because they say it is such a minute amount that doesn’t hurt anybody. But that begs the question , the question is – Is it toxic or not? And Yes, it is! It should be out of everything that goes into the human body, and our health agencies, in my opinion have been derelict in their responsibilities in ensuring that Mercury goes out of everything that goes into the human body, especially vaccines.

If you notice, during the hearing, William Egan is constantly staring at the base of the imaginary podium in front of him, and you can make out from his expression that he’s clearly uncomfortable, trying to defend something that can’t be defended.

It is very difficult to miss after going through this video that Mercury has never been tested for safety. But if you have just heard the audio, you can’t make out the obvious discomfiture or the senior FDA official, who definitely would have loved to be somewhere else. As a parent , you have to ask yourself the question – How have these vaccines been tested for safety?

For the uninitiated, every vaccine that does not contain a live virus or bacteria contains Thimerosal. Even the so called Thimerosal free vaccines could contain upto 3mcg of mercury. Vaccines that contain live virus or bacteria will not contain Mercury.

8 thoughts on “William Egan , FDA testifying on vaccines to Congressman Dan Burton

  1. I read that even when they said they took it out of the majority of vaccines, they had alot of older vaccines already made, so they used them first. So, how can we ever believe anything about vaccine safety? Parents have to pick up the pieces. Dan Burton has always spoken up, and there is a group called Safeminds that deals with vaccine safety. You just won’t hear about any of this on the news, bought and sold.

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