Death of a 16 year old

I wanted to create a separate blog for commenting on contemporary issues,especially medicine, which forms a good part of my interests. I did not expect to start this blog on such a chilling note. On Christmas evening at 6pm, a 16year old boy staying in my apartment complex, got knocked down by a speeding vehicle, sustained minor bruises all over his body, but severe head injuries. He passed away today (Dec 28th) morning, succumbing to brain damage.  Apparently the damage in his brain was diffused, making any surgical intervention futile.  I don’t personally know the child, but most people tell me that he was very likeable guy. There is a general pall of gloom all over here. My heart really goes out to the parents.  I lost my father 4 years back, and mother 12 years back. Its incredibly difficult to get over the death of a near and dear one.  If that person happens to be somebody you have raised for 16 years, it can be extremely gut-wrenching. I don’t think I can even pretend to think what would go on the minds of the parents. My heart-felt condolences to them. From personal experience, time helps you deal with it better, though I don’t think you ever get over death.

What really gets my goat is that such an incident is totally avoidable. There is no speed-breaker near our exit gates, and the place where  the boy got knocked  over, there is no pavement.The car smashed him into a wall, and smashed the wall over. There are enough places in Bangalore where there is no space for pedestrians, and all those are ticking time bombs  waiting for an incident like this to happen.There are shops down the road which looked like they have intruded to the pavement as well. I think we need to put speedbreakers at all roads where pedestrians have to walk.


The damaged wall, the impact of the Santro just blew the wall away. 

Damaged wall

Smashed wall,  2nd iteration


No pavement here, pedestrians are at the mercy of speeding motorists.

No pavement